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Lazy, greedy property developers and the battle for a better future – short term economic gain for a few and a long term poor future for many
Big business again tries to ride roughshod over beautiful countryside that could be used for feeding the nation in a sustainable way, and short term profit tries to destroy history, culture and beauty. One day there will not be an inch of agricultural land left – and as an island we will then have nowhere to grow our own food if there is ever a conflict. There are tens of thousands of empty bedrooms in mansions and Mcmansions in this country, and hundreds of thousands of abandoned offices, factories and pieces of industrial/developed land that is not used for its purpose any longer – this is sheer and utter LAZINESS on the part of developers – wanting virgin land that is quick and cheap to develop as opposed to land that has to be cleared and/or cleansed first. WE MUST STOP lazy and greedy developers – most of whom take from this country but do everything they can to avoid putting anything back (financed by international investors, with international shareholders and using every tax-avoidance scheme in the book) and stop believing that such schemes are in the interest of local communities – THEY ARE NOT! The transport links and job opportunities, school and health services are not present in this location – there are so many more suitable places. This development is a lazy, selfish, greedy, cynical money-making scheme – another commuter dormitory of off-plan houses drawn up decades ago with no imagination or sympathy for their surroundings or the wider needs of the community OR the future inhabitants (or the planet!) Are the houses going to be ‘future-proof’ – will they be fully disabled accessible for our ageing population? Will they conform to the absolute best environmental standards – or the minimum? We deserve better and we should demand better – and this campaign is doing that! Who owns Wildmoor Spa – do those who comment in favour of this development know – or are they working on behalf of that organisation, an organisation that is responsible for some of the worst horrors of modern planning that are destroying the character and the environment around Stratford, leading to traffic chaos, social isolation, the loss of historic local family businesses and much needed farm land in the area. In 20 years there will be no tourists, there will be no farm land, there will be no independent shops – there will just be rows and rows of homogenic, poorly built, poor quality houses and a few supermarkets, where those who cannot get jobs, or just work in the supermarkets for minimum wage, wander backwards and forwards with nothing beautiful to look at, no lessons of history to learn from and the planet slowly but surely suffocates…..