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Census 2011 – who’s collecting your data Grandma?!

How to make sure Lockheed Martin don’t profit from YOUR census form:
Peace News

Lockheed Martin are the world’s second-largest weapons manufacturer;
they make ‘Trident’ nuclear missiles, and own a one third share of Britain’s
Aldermaston atomic weapons facility.
Currently, the greatest area of growth for Lockheed Martin is in ‘Intelligence
and Surveillance’, and as part of this work the company have been moving
into data collection.

Lockheed Martin – gigantic, corporate, wide reaching – American arms manufacturer and ‘data collection specialists’ will be taking your personal information and keeping it – for what purpose???!

They have been paid approximately £150 million by the government (Labour awarded the contract, the Con-Dem’s are sticking with it) in this time of massive cuts – if it has to be done at all then why couldn’t it go to a British company?

Apparently the Suffragette’s used to hold mass tea parties so they were all out when the census collector called – not the same if you’re filling it out online is it really? What a cul-de-sac we have wandered into with the internet.

So can ayone tell me what my religious beliefs, marital status or employment status have to do with either Lockheed Martin, or the Office of National Statistics? How does that information help plan services for the future exactly? This whole exercise is far more about trying to catch out benefit claimants, ethnic minorities, immigrants and giving information to marketing people so they can sell us more of their consumer clap-trap!

There is a question about disability – but it is so generic and non-specific as to give no meaningful information to help plan services of any description at all!

Smoke, mirrors and marketing speak – the Census 2011 looks like it has it all!

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