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Petition to ask for Warwick District Council to impose a ‘Nil Cap’ on adult entertainment venues

This petition has been set up by a group in Leamington and Warwick, after they successfully challenged a request by a sexual entertainment venue for a new licence.
Please consider signing it:
It is well known that there are links between violence towards women and such venues.
Amnesty is also running a campaign to end violence against women (of course violence against men is unacceptable and to be deplored – but sadly violence against women is far more common, frequent, sexual in nature and like to end in death).
In this atmosphere of giving businesses anything they want in the name of ‘growth’ and ‘progress’ and job creation, it needs to be recognised that often such venues cause other businesses to lose custom, it can cause areas to become no-go areas, and it can affect an area at all times of the day – not just at night, as a general air of seediness decends and there is some evidence that drugs and drug dealers are also linked with such venues. Is this what we want in the middle of our communities – communities that will be eroded in the name of profit?


Great news for Greens in the Midlands – maybe the electorate is starting to realise?

Yet another Lib-Dem has defected to the Green Party in Solihull, 3 in total now. Disenchantment with their own party, key lib-dem policies being thrown aside, lack of support for environmental issues and social justice issues all being cited. The Greens ‘bold and principled’ stance against the cuts and other policies being imposed are seen as a major reason for wanting to join. Politics can be principled, it can be bold, and it can stand against the corporate greed that is destroying lives and the planet – and the Green Party are that political party. It is certainly why I am a member.


A view from the inside of the horrific Employment and Support Allowance Work Capability Assessment trials being imposed on those in our society who least deserve this horroendous treatment. Especially as it is being done to subsidise those who want for nothing – except scruples, morals and a social conscience.

London SWAN

Raymondo, member of Kilburn Unemployed Worker’s Group and Social Work Action Network London, shares with us his Work Capability Assessment Survival Tips…

The Work Capability Assessment is the test by which people claiming the out of waged work benefit Employment and Support Allowance are gauged as qualifying for Employment and Support Allowance or ‘fit for work’.
“The Work Capability Assessment (WCA) has three stages. Firstly, the Limited Capability for Work Test determines whether or not you remain on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), secondly, the Limited Capability for Work Related Activity Test determines whether you join the ‘support group’ of claimants or the ‘work-related activity group’ and thirdly, the Work Focused Health Related Assessment provides a report that can be used in any work-focused interviews that you may be required to attend later on.” (i)

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May 3rd – voting in an undemocratic democracy

To all of those who believe we live in a free and democratic country: Anti-democratic action, censorship, suppression of free-speech and dictatorships come in many forms. The press, the right-wing corporates and most politicians in this country collude to ensure the public are ill-informed, mis-informed, mis-led and kept ignorant of so much. Ask any 15/16 year old in an ordinary comprehensive or academy how much they know about the ‘democratic’ and political system in this country and if they will vote when they get to 18, who they will vote for and where they get their information from about the different parties and their policies. See what kind of response you get. Ignorance is a weapon of destruction of the masses.


100 MPs write to Cameron to request withdrawal of wind power subsidies

I’m so not surprised to see the name of our ‘local’ Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi on this list. The portfolio holder for ‘small business’ seems far more interested in large corporate business from my experience – and of course that would include the corporate lobbyists from the likes of NPower, EDF, Eon, etc. They of course receive no government subsidies, nothing like reductions in corporation tax, being allowed to blatantly evade taxes, taking government and EU support subsidies wherever and whenever they can, no of course not!

Fossil fuels are finite, and depleting fast. What other choice do we have? “You want us all to live in caves in the dark wearing sack-cloth!” has long been the accusation levelled at anyone from the Green Party – but if we do not tackle the looming peak oil, energy security, lack of alternatives crisis that is fast heading our way, the one that the Green Party has been trying to get everyone to take seriously and make alternative provision for, that will be exactly where we do end up! Can I then say “we told you so”??