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Great article about what the government are really up to with the benefits changes

Something to look forward to – a less caring, less equal, less equtable and nastier Britain.

People would do well to remember the phrase ‘not yet disabled’ – which is basically what we are if we are currently able-bodied. Disability can strike us, or a close family member, at any time. None of us know when we may need the help and support of more than just our family to meet care needs that are too onerous or challenging for our family – but what if there were no carers, no hospitals, no benefits, no support services – what then?

The only people who would be able to be cared for would be those who had money – basically those who were born rich, as I heard in the lyric of a song sung by the great Martin Simpson on the radio today:
‘Arrange to be democratically born
The son of a company director
Or a judge’s fine and private daughter.’
(Palaces of Gold – Leon Resselson)

So sad that instead of coming together and sharing our humanity and the planet home we should be taking care of, we are instead allowing those who have wealth and power, often through devious and unfair methods, to turn people against their neighbours and friends to protect their own interests.