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Equality is better for your health

Article from The Independent

Better physical health, better mental health, happier children, better communities, less crime, less drug and alcohol mis-use, better work-life-family balance, and the list goes on – and how do we get this to happen???

We reduce the gap between the richest and poorest. A MAXIMUM wage set against a much higher minimum wage.
Nobody needs to earn £10 million pounds a year – NO they really, really dont!

Why, when children are dying for no other reason than they are born into a poor family (and this isn’t just about Africa – the infant mortality rate in this country is higher in poor areas/lowest income families than in affluent areas/high income families), are people allowed to be paid such gross amounts of money – to spend on what – stuff they don’t need and probably don’t even want but they buy because they can! Oh and the argument goes “they are keeping people in employment” – CRAP! The designer clothes that they buy are as likely to come from an Indian sweatshop factory staffed by 10 year olds as the clothes from Matamark! They are being ripped off!
The people in the middle are only exploiting a market. Aaaargh this makes me so ANGRY! It is so hard to explain to people who only see things through the eyes of the mainstream media though – as they have money to make so they have their own agenda – depending on where they are taking the money from!

Wake up world and listen – you can still be comfortable, you can still have ‘stuff’ but you can also save the planet for future generations and not squander every resource we have. We could live on a happier, healthier, more equal planet. Wow – sounds terrible doesn’t it?!!!