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Green Party Candidate


welcome to my world!

Well – you can’t actually inhabit my world – because it is where I live – and it can get pretty strange here sometimes, but it’s home! I write this blog to some of what goes on in my world and how I view it – which seems to be very different from a lot of people, but it’s the only way I feel comfortable being.

I set this blog up mainly as a way of sharing my thoughts on standing in the General Election in 2010 for the Green Party, to share some of the reasons why I am so passionate about the policies of the Green Party and why I keep putting myself through this election stuff and trying to challenge the dominant ways of thinking and acting in our society – especially about animals, the environment, disability and the free movement of human beings.

So, a bit about who I am: I’m a single parent (14 years now, my how time flies) and I have 2 gorgeous young women as daughters, both of whom I am very proud to be called ‘Mum’ by.

I’ve lived up here in the district of Stratford-on-Avon for 12 years.

I used to be a telecommunications engineer – but following a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition for my eldest daughter I became a full-time carer. I decided to do an Open University degree whilst I wasn’t working. In March this year I was offered a job working at The Vegan Society in Birmingham, where I now work 4 days a week, and I study, do housework and try to live a good and caring life the rest of the time!

I used to be a volunteer committee member of the local National Autistic Society (Stratford-on-Avon), which I set up with my friend Kris, as we both have children who are diagnosed with this complex, life-long and very much misunderstood neurobiological condition, but unfortunately due to lack of volunteers and local support the branch has closed now.
I also set up and ran a youth club in Stratford for young people with high-functioning autism/Asperger Syndrome for 4 years.

I have also volunteered for St John ambulance and am a member of numerous vegetarian/vegan, ecological, humanitarian and animal welfare charities. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make the world a better place just by being a member of these organisations 😦 I do what I can by way of living as low-impact a life as I can, signing petitions, writing letters, going on marches and standing for elections – maybe one day all that work will pay off!

I am studying for a degree in English Language and Literature with the Open University which is a truly phenomenal egalitarian organisation. One career option I explored was possibly to work with adults with literacy difficulties when I finish, but the swathing cuts in adult education and social care by the Con-Dems have pretty much put paid to that! Hopefully my job at The Vegan Society will lead me into new adventures.

I also like narrowboats and having lived on one for a while and I may go back to that when my girls fly the nest. It can be a very low impact way of living that really makes you realise what life used to be like, and how ridiculously comfortable, but harmfully excessive, our consumerist society lifestyles are.

I love music, reading, listening to the radio, sometimes films (small, quirky independent ones – especially ones about people campaigning – or comedy, just so I can try to retain my sense of humour, which I sometimes lose due to getting so passionate and angry about bad stuff in the world!), nature, walking, animals and our planet home. I’m not always a fan of some of the people on it though – because many of them aren’t taking care of this precious place and the wonderful creatures on it 😥


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