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BBC – still home to objective journalism? Interviewer has an agenda when interviewing single mother.
Bring back proper objective journalism – not state sponsored rhetoric and advertising. The BBC is now a puppet for the right wing culture of victimisation.
I am a single parent, although I was married when I had my 2 children – but my ex-husband turned out to not be a very good father or husband and I had to leave for safety reasons. I had a very good career and was well paid – but my eldest daughter struggled in education and was eventually diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. The education system is under-funded and unable to cope with any child who is not compliant and average. I had to give up my job due to my daughter being excluded by the education system and due to the ridiculous benefits system eventually lost my home too. Why is it that millionaires who can afford to pay accountants to help them pay no tax at all are somehow seen as model citizens, evidence of ‘hard workers’ – but someone like me, who has worked, paid taxes and now cares on a very low income for my family but takes a minute amount of money out of the state (but tries to give back by volunteering many hours to help others, studies and hopes one day to go back into work hopefully helping others) is seen as an evil, lazy scrounger. I support this young woman and her right to make choices with her life and her body. The interviewer should be ashamed of herself.