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Green Surge #greensurge and #Votegreenif

It’s really exciting in the midst of all the horror that is being visited upon us by the Con-Dem government and their corporate cronies that the Green Party is really hitting its stride with online campaigning. The leap in membership this year is truly phenomenal. We’ve had so many barriers placed in our way (who possibly could have believed a senior BBC official would leave and become head of comms for UKIP – erm well me actually) and we’ve been ignored, denied, excluded and ridiculed by many who ‘inform’ those who vote in this country. We don’t need you – we CAN and WILL do it our way, and the people will see and know that there is a real alternative to your hate-fuelled, prejudiced, bigoted austerity for some and banquets with tax-avoiders for others. The people and the planet we depend on for our survival are not just numbers on a balance sheet for you to buy and sell. So #Votegreenif you really believe that a change for the common good is the only way to balance the scales.


Lazy, greedy property developers and the battle for a better future – short term economic gain for a few and a long term poor future for many
Big business again tries to ride roughshod over beautiful countryside that could be used for feeding the nation in a sustainable way, and short term profit tries to destroy history, culture and beauty. One day there will not be an inch of agricultural land left – and as an island we will then have nowhere to grow our own food if there is ever a conflict. There are tens of thousands of empty bedrooms in mansions and Mcmansions in this country, and hundreds of thousands of abandoned offices, factories and pieces of industrial/developed land that is not used for its purpose any longer – this is sheer and utter LAZINESS on the part of developers – wanting virgin land that is quick and cheap to develop as opposed to land that has to be cleared and/or cleansed first. WE MUST STOP lazy and greedy developers – most of whom take from this country but do everything they can to avoid putting anything back (financed by international investors, with international shareholders and using every tax-avoidance scheme in the book) and stop believing that such schemes are in the interest of local communities – THEY ARE NOT! The transport links and job opportunities, school and health services are not present in this location – there are so many more suitable places. This development is a lazy, selfish, greedy, cynical money-making scheme – another commuter dormitory of off-plan houses drawn up decades ago with no imagination or sympathy for their surroundings or the wider needs of the community OR the future inhabitants (or the planet!) Are the houses going to be ‘future-proof’ – will they be fully disabled accessible for our ageing population? Will they conform to the absolute best environmental standards – or the minimum? We deserve better and we should demand better – and this campaign is doing that! Who owns Wildmoor Spa – do those who comment in favour of this development know – or are they working on behalf of that organisation, an organisation that is responsible for some of the worst horrors of modern planning that are destroying the character and the environment around Stratford, leading to traffic chaos, social isolation, the loss of historic local family businesses and much needed farm land in the area. In 20 years there will be no tourists, there will be no farm land, there will be no independent shops – there will just be rows and rows of homogenic, poorly built, poor quality houses and a few supermarkets, where those who cannot get jobs, or just work in the supermarkets for minimum wage, wander backwards and forwards with nothing beautiful to look at, no lessons of history to learn from and the planet slowly but surely suffocates…..


BBC – still home to objective journalism? Interviewer has an agenda when interviewing single mother.
Bring back proper objective journalism – not state sponsored rhetoric and advertising. The BBC is now a puppet for the right wing culture of victimisation.
I am a single parent, although I was married when I had my 2 children – but my ex-husband turned out to not be a very good father or husband and I had to leave for safety reasons. I had a very good career and was well paid – but my eldest daughter struggled in education and was eventually diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition. The education system is under-funded and unable to cope with any child who is not compliant and average. I had to give up my job due to my daughter being excluded by the education system and due to the ridiculous benefits system eventually lost my home too. Why is it that millionaires who can afford to pay accountants to help them pay no tax at all are somehow seen as model citizens, evidence of ‘hard workers’ – but someone like me, who has worked, paid taxes and now cares on a very low income for my family but takes a minute amount of money out of the state (but tries to give back by volunteering many hours to help others, studies and hopes one day to go back into work hopefully helping others) is seen as an evil, lazy scrounger. I support this young woman and her right to make choices with her life and her body. The interviewer should be ashamed of herself.


Great news for Greens in the Midlands – maybe the electorate is starting to realise?

Yet another Lib-Dem has defected to the Green Party in Solihull, 3 in total now. Disenchantment with their own party, key lib-dem policies being thrown aside, lack of support for environmental issues and social justice issues all being cited. The Greens ‘bold and principled’ stance against the cuts and other policies being imposed are seen as a major reason for wanting to join. Politics can be principled, it can be bold, and it can stand against the corporate greed that is destroying lives and the planet – and the Green Party are that political party. It is certainly why I am a member.


May 3rd – voting in an undemocratic democracy

To all of those who believe we live in a free and democratic country: Anti-democratic action, censorship, suppression of free-speech and dictatorships come in many forms. The press, the right-wing corporates and most politicians in this country collude to ensure the public are ill-informed, mis-informed, mis-led and kept ignorant of so much. Ask any 15/16 year old in an ordinary comprehensive or academy how much they know about the ‘democratic’ and political system in this country and if they will vote when they get to 18, who they will vote for and where they get their information from about the different parties and their policies. See what kind of response you get. Ignorance is a weapon of destruction of the masses.


100 MPs write to Cameron to request withdrawal of wind power subsidies

I’m so not surprised to see the name of our ‘local’ Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi on this list. The portfolio holder for ‘small business’ seems far more interested in large corporate business from my experience – and of course that would include the corporate lobbyists from the likes of NPower, EDF, Eon, etc. They of course receive no government subsidies, nothing like reductions in corporation tax, being allowed to blatantly evade taxes, taking government and EU support subsidies wherever and whenever they can, no of course not!

Fossil fuels are finite, and depleting fast. What other choice do we have? “You want us all to live in caves in the dark wearing sack-cloth!” has long been the accusation levelled at anyone from the Green Party – but if we do not tackle the looming peak oil, energy security, lack of alternatives crisis that is fast heading our way, the one that the Green Party has been trying to get everyone to take seriously and make alternative provision for, that will be exactly where we do end up! Can I then say “we told you so”??


Voting Green

Yes I am standing again in the local elections. Why? Not sure really, my level of pessimism and cynicism with all things political – and all things involving people to be honest – has reached a new nadir! Maybe the great british voter will have some kind of epiphany this week, realise that the media has its own agenda and will seek out answers for themselves and vote accordingly. Or maybe not.


Time, tide and watering the greenhouse waits for no man…. or woman

Where does the time go??
I seem to have less hours in the day with each passing week.
I’m trying to limit my computer use and get out in the garden, as I find it so therapeutic, but life just seems to keep getting in the way – meetings, phone calls, protest marches and even trying to spend time with friends and family and do the housework all conspire to fill the days! Hence very few additions to this blog!
I think the internet was invented by men with few or no outside interests – for men (and a few women) with few or no outside interests! Me – I’m off to water my tomatoes!!


Polling day is finally here…

And what an anti-climax.
I’ve met some fabulous (and not so fabulous) people, had some interesting debates, answered stacks of emails from people concerned about certain issues (and sadly not had time to answer all of them – many apologies to those of you I didn’t respond to – but I doubt you would have voted for me anyway!) and helped in Warwick & Leamington too.

Our democracy isn’t just skewed because of the ridiculous first past the post counting system which disadvantages smaller parties – but also the fact that the more money you have the bigger your campaign – where is the great British sense of fair play in that??

This is why the Green Party wants state financing and monitoring of political parties – until it is a level playing field don’t even call it a democracy.


Why just building lots of new houses isn’t the answer to any of the questions.

Irish Ghost Estates show flaw in UK housebuilding policy

This report from the BBC shows just how foolish allowing unfettered property development is, and how instead of improving an economy – it can destroy it – and the landscape, the environment, communities and farming and food production.

When will the world learn – we cannot eat money.