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Why just building lots of new houses isn’t the answer to any of the questions.

Irish Ghost Estates show flaw in UK housebuilding policy

This report from the BBC shows just how foolish allowing unfettered property development is, and how instead of improving an economy – it can destroy it – and the landscape, the environment, communities and farming and food production.

When will the world learn – we cannot eat money.


Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed – don’t vote for more of the same – Vote for difference

Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed

A fantastic song, fantastic words and fantastic playing.

Remember – all of the parties currently in Westminster were involved in the expenses scandal, and all parties standing tin the election in Stratford on Avon – except the Green Party advocate for businesses and the banking sector – run-away, unfettered free markets and capitalism are leading us into an economic and social abyss.

That’s not a conspiracy therory – that is the truth – see what is happening in Greece!


Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Weapons kill – no seriously – not just in a ‘BANG BANG you’re dead’ way – but in an economic and social way too.

Selling arms to other countries has made certain companies, and individuals in our governments and civil service very rich indeed.

The fact that these death bringers are putinto the hands of children in countries where people need food not guns, and that often they end up on our own streets killing our own young people seems to be beyond their limited comprehension. (or they just want the money and they really don’t care about anyone except themself).

For a person to say they are a spiritual person when they have sold weapons and armed someone when they do not know how, where or when that weapon will be used is to me the ultimate in hypocrisy, and I feel so very sad at their lack of humanity.

Selling guns to foreign regimes has caused so much death, and debt. Many of the poorest countries are in debt because of purchasing weapons they didn’t need and couldn’t afford because they were sold the lie that they would receive help if they bought the weapons. Some countries have got into massive debt due to paying ‘bribes’ to salesmen who promised them special treatment.
Now thousands of children die of hunger.
Campaign Against the Arms Trade

People Building Peace

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Peace Pledge Union The Peace Pledge Union is the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain. Since 1934 it has been campaigning for a warless world. Many of the original founders were widows and family members of those killed in World War 1. They hoped for such terrible loss of life never to be repeated.
When will mankind learn?


Equality is better for your health

Article from The Independent

Better physical health, better mental health, happier children, better communities, less crime, less drug and alcohol mis-use, better work-life-family balance, and the list goes on – and how do we get this to happen???

We reduce the gap between the richest and poorest. A MAXIMUM wage set against a much higher minimum wage.
Nobody needs to earn £10 million pounds a year – NO they really, really dont!

Why, when children are dying for no other reason than they are born into a poor family (and this isn’t just about Africa – the infant mortality rate in this country is higher in poor areas/lowest income families than in affluent areas/high income families), are people allowed to be paid such gross amounts of money – to spend on what – stuff they don’t need and probably don’t even want but they buy because they can! Oh and the argument goes “they are keeping people in employment” – CRAP! The designer clothes that they buy are as likely to come from an Indian sweatshop factory staffed by 10 year olds as the clothes from Matamark! They are being ripped off!
The people in the middle are only exploiting a market. Aaaargh this makes me so ANGRY! It is so hard to explain to people who only see things through the eyes of the mainstream media though – as they have money to make so they have their own agenda – depending on where they are taking the money from!

Wake up world and listen – you can still be comfortable, you can still have ‘stuff’ but you can also save the planet for future generations and not squander every resource we have. We could live on a happier, healthier, more equal planet. Wow – sounds terrible doesn’t it?!!!


Green is the New Red – The ONLY Left-Wing Party

Article from The Guardian

The Green Party is the only viable alternative for anyone wanting to vote for social justice, equality, and fairness.

So many of the other parties policies are centre-right or right wing identikits of each other.

Every Green vote is a vote that lets the others know that they have got it seriously wrong – and people are dissatisfied with the cosying together of the rich old school chums network and that the poor, the marginalised, and people who care are going to start taking back the power.

If you haven’t registered to vote – then go here – there is still time. It closes TODAY (20th April).

We need YOUR VOTE! (please 🙂 )


Post Election (and OU course work) celebration planned!

I’m going to go and see the absolutely marvellous folk group, Show of Hands, at the Leamington Assembly Rooms.

Their song ‘Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed’ (Initials AIG – after one of the American firms that started the financial crash selling sub-prime debt) is an absolutely fantastic, rousing, tuneful indictment of the political and banking system and what it is doing to our country and society.

Folk music and protest songs are a way to bring people together and stir them up for action and came from the tradition of slave and worker songs made up to help the day pass through use of music, rythmn, and often subversive lyrics.

has a preview of the video

or this is the official website

As I have now discovered that sadly the BNP will be standing in Stratford I also want to put a link to Folk Against Fascism –

For a safe future where people don’t have to look over their shoulder because they look or sound different, or have an unusual surname ( like me!) then I urge every right thinking person in this country to vote against them – with a party that will put in place policies that will remove the need for the hate filled angry policies of these sad people.
Green World in petals


Caroline Lucas launches Green Party’s PEB

Personalised Election Broadcast!


Mass landfill site in China installing deodorant sprays to cover the smell

Mass landfill site in China installing deodorant sprays to cover the smell.

How terribly, terribly sad.
What are we doing to our planet home? How long can this go on?
This never ending consumption and the ‘growth’ that the 3 grey parties talk about is unsustainable.
Where does ‘continuous’ growth end? It cannot be infinite – especially on a planet that has finite and increasingly limited resources. Surely cutting down on our consumption and making everything last longer would be a much better idea – especially as we cannot measure how much of things like oil, gold, and other minerals and metals we have.
This generation, and the post-war generation have, for the most part, been like greedy children in a sweet shop – eating until they have made themselves, us and the planet very sick indeed.
I did find one site that is trying to find part of the answer – – a family that is now attempting to throw away NOTHING. Something we should all aspire to – something my grandparents were very good at. I learnt a lot spending time with them as a child about composting, food waste, repairing and reducing consumption – perhaps it is time for the war generation (a time when resources were particularly scarce) to re-teach those skills?
Obviously reducing consumption is still a very important part – and due to public pressure from groups like Friends of the Earth and many, many committed individuals all around the country lobbying MP’s and councils there have been measures taken to reduce some packaging and increase recycling – but until ‘growth’ is seen for what it truly is we are all living on borrowed time – our consumption will catch up with us eventually – if not for this generation – definitely for one in the not too distant future.


Housing – we could do it so much better

As someone who experiences housing insecurity (unlike a lot of the people standing for election in this country) I think I probably understand this better than most of them and know how the vast numbers of people in this country who don’t own, or will never own, their own home feel.

With the average house price now running at something like 9 times the average wage, owning a home is a huge millstone around most people’s neck, if they can even afford one in the first place! The only people doing well out of this system are the banks, estate agents and buy-to-let property investors, who snap up repossessed houses for a song.

Owning a home is sold as the ideal, and with construction of social and affordable housing at an all time low actually having any roof over your head if you are on a low wage or not able to work looks likely to become even more of a challenge.

The Green Party wants to see a massive focus on 2 strands – bringing existing housing, and empty homes (including holiday homes which stand empty for most of the year) into use and ensuring they are insulated to the highest standards and have renewable energy products added to them whenever possible, reducing fuel poverty and CO2 emissions together, and new social and truly affordable housing where jobs and transport infrastructure already exists are built, from reclaimed or sustainable materials.

Further building of executive commuter dormitories, often to the minimum permissible insulation and building standard, as is current practice, with 4 or 5 ‘affordable’ homes stuck in a corner of the estates as happens now is gobbling up greenbelt land (land which we will be essential to grow food on in the future), increases commuting, and leads to social breakdown.

Building high quality, long lasting, low carbon, social housing that is powered with renewable energy to minimise fuel poverty, in a place where it is mixed with employment opportunities, near train stations and other community services, and includes grouped housing for older people sounds like a pretty sensible idea to me!


UKIP Candidate posts racist comments online

I know a lot of people subscribe to the view that we shouldn’t even dignify their veiwpoint by airing it – but at the same time I believe that people need information to be able to make informed choices – so if anyone wants to see how UKIP feel about our fellow citizens of planet earth I would read the item below (and you need a strong stomach for it).

From the online Community Care magazine site:

Update – Mr Wiffen has now been suspended