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Mass landfill site in China installing deodorant sprays to cover the smell

Mass landfill site in China installing deodorant sprays to cover the smell.

How terribly, terribly sad.
What are we doing to our planet home? How long can this go on?
This never ending consumption and the ‘growth’ that the 3 grey parties talk about is unsustainable.
Where does ‘continuous’ growth end? It cannot be infinite – especially on a planet that has finite and increasingly limited resources. Surely cutting down on our consumption and making everything last longer would be a much better idea – especially as we cannot measure how much of things like oil, gold, and other minerals and metals we have.
This generation, and the post-war generation have, for the most part, been like greedy children in a sweet shop – eating until they have made themselves, us and the planet very sick indeed.
I did find one site that is trying to find part of the answer – – a family that is now attempting to throw away NOTHING. Something we should all aspire to – something my grandparents were very good at. I learnt a lot spending time with them as a child about composting, food waste, repairing and reducing consumption – perhaps it is time for the war generation (a time when resources were particularly scarce) to re-teach those skills?
Obviously reducing consumption is still a very important part – and due to public pressure from groups like Friends of the Earth and many, many committed individuals all around the country lobbying MP’s and councils there have been measures taken to reduce some packaging and increase recycling – but until ‘growth’ is seen for what it truly is we are all living on borrowed time – our consumption will catch up with us eventually – if not for this generation – definitely for one in the not too distant future.