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Life after election and a hanging parliament

Wow – so glad that is over. Racism, xenophobia, weasel words, sexism, elitism and snobbery – all the fun of an election!
My favourite ‘spoilt’ ballot paper had a nice big cross for me – and the rude word beginning with a ‘w’ against the B&P party, UKlip and the English not very Democratics, there was another one in a similar vein – the voter had drawn pictures against the nasty parties names instead! Thank you to those 2 individuals – you made a very sad night for ‘democracy’ have a moment of lightness!


Polling day is finally here…

And what an anti-climax.
I’ve met some fabulous (and not so fabulous) people, had some interesting debates, answered stacks of emails from people concerned about certain issues (and sadly not had time to answer all of them – many apologies to those of you I didn’t respond to – but I doubt you would have voted for me anyway!) and helped in Warwick & Leamington too.

Our democracy isn’t just skewed because of the ridiculous first past the post counting system which disadvantages smaller parties – but also the fact that the more money you have the bigger your campaign – where is the great British sense of fair play in that??

This is why the Green Party wants state financing and monitoring of political parties – until it is a level playing field don’t even call it a democracy.