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One Million New Jobs – a petition and some background

Climate Change Petition

If you are visiting this site then please add your voice to this petition – but also please read why the Green Party has been campaigning on this matter for many years.
Green Jobs

The Green Party has long advocated jobs in renewable energy – with all of the benefits of economic stability, long term job creation, a reduction in fuel poverty and of course reduction in carbon emissions.

It is almost a no-brainer – so why aren’t the Con-Dem coaltion behind it? Because their pay-master of corporate lobbyists, shareholders and fat-cats don’t want their big fat bank balances affected – at a cost to us all of a safe, healthy, and lets be frank, actually being alive future!

We can’t eat money, the planet isn’t a tradeable commodity and the sooner we find a way to stop the short-term, use-it-all-now, fuck-the-future, greedy and selfish existence we have allowed to become the norm then the sooner we can start building a future that will actually be worth living.