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Post Election (and OU course work) celebration planned!

I’m going to go and see the absolutely marvellous folk group, Show of Hands, at the Leamington Assembly Rooms.

Their song ‘Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed’ (Initials AIG – after one of the American firms that started the financial crash selling sub-prime debt) is an absolutely fantastic, rousing, tuneful indictment of the political and banking system and what it is doing to our country and society.

Folk music and protest songs are a way to bring people together and stir them up for action and came from the tradition of slave and worker songs made up to help the day pass through use of music, rythmn, and often subversive lyrics.

has a preview of the video

or this is the official website

As I have now discovered that sadly the BNP will be standing in Stratford I also want to put a link to Folk Against Fascism –

For a safe future where people don’t have to look over their shoulder because they look or sound different, or have an unusual surname ( like me!) then I urge every right thinking person in this country to vote against them – with a party that will put in place policies that will remove the need for the hate filled angry policies of these sad people.
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