Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Weapons kill – no seriously – not just in a ‘BANG BANG you’re dead’ way – but in an economic and social way too.

Selling arms to other countries has made certain companies, and individuals in our governments and civil service very rich indeed.

The fact that these death bringers are putinto the hands of children in countries where people need food not guns, and that often they end up on our own streets killing our own young people seems to be beyond their limited comprehension. (or they just want the money and they really don’t care about anyone except themself).

For a person to say they are a spiritual person when they have sold weapons and armed someone when they do not know how, where or when that weapon will be used is to me the ultimate in hypocrisy, and I feel so very sad at their lack of humanity.

Selling guns to foreign regimes has caused so much death, and debt. Many of the poorest countries are in debt because of purchasing weapons they didn’t need and couldn’t afford because they were sold the lie that they would receive help if they bought the weapons. Some countries have got into massive debt due to paying ‘bribes’ to salesmen who promised them special treatment.
Now thousands of children die of hunger.
Campaign Against the Arms Trade

People Building Peace

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Peace Pledge Union The Peace Pledge Union is the oldest secular pacifist organisation in Britain. Since 1934 it has been campaigning for a warless world. Many of the original founders were widows and family members of those killed in World War 1. They hoped for such terrible loss of life never to be repeated.
When will mankind learn?

2 Responses to “Campaign Against the Arms Trade”

  1. I am a single parent with a daughter diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition and I run the local National Autistic Society Branch. I am also a member of the local Friends of the Earth and Transition Stratford groups. You highlight a major problem in our whole society – the bias and difficulty for women. Being a single parent does restrict me – and the fact that less than a fifth of MP’s are women, but we make up more than 50% of the population just goes to show how patriarchaly skewed our society is. Women have to make tough choices – have a family or have any type of career – men usually don’t have to make that choice.
    Not quite sure how you haven’t come across me as I am quite well known in certain parts of Stratford – but then again I don’t know all 250,000 people in Stratford, nor could I possibly go and meet them all – especially without driving hundreds of miles which is very bad for the environment – or completely neglecting my children! I also don’t come into Stratford often as because we have a very low family income and I don’t believe in consumerism I don’t really do shopping.

    If I received a £64,000 MP’s salary I suspect I could purchase all sorts of support and staff and gadgets and gizmos to help me fulfill the role – but I’m not looking to win.

    I’m not a career politician, in fact I had never had any involvement with politics, apart from voting in general elections, until 8 years ago, when I realised that mainstream politicians were leading us into a planetary disaster. Unfortunately the world is still sleep walking towards that and I don’t think politics will change it – ordinary people will have to work together to overcome the challenges we will definitely face.

    I don’t have a team of staff and I don’t have a £20,000 election fund like other parties. I am on Facebook, just type in Karen Varga – my profile is open. There is also a group – Vote Green in Stratford. (Facebook is playing up tonight and won’t let me repost the group to my profile). I can also be contacted via the Green Party website. or We cannot afford a dedicated Stratford Green Party website. Isn’t it amazing – how money and the economy affects everything we do – we can’t even have a proper democracy without vast sums of money!

    This is the real joke of our democracy – not the first-past-the-post system – but the fact that the rich parties with the most money can reach the most people. The parties that have a lot of money and access to our very biased media (see all the adverts for other parties in the Herald that businesses and rich sponsors have paid for, all the coverage Zahawi has had – I have sent stuff in but never had it printed!!) can get their message heard – whereas the Green Party are typically shunned by the media – especially as a lot of media companies are owned by supporters of one of the 2 older political parties. I can assure you the the frustration and anger is palpable across the whole Green Party.

    I was at Stratford market today leafletting and meeting people, and I will be in Stratford again one or 2 days next week. I have attended every hustings I have been invited to. I stand in elections because I want to let people know that the Green Party exists and to give people an alternative voting choice – even though our electoral system is deeply flawed and I know I won’t win. In fact I have 2 aims: – to hopefully beat the BNP, and to get the 5% of the vote needed to retain the £500 deposit that has to be paid to stand in a general election – which friends and Green Party members across Warwickshire have paid for me.

    I hope I have answered some of your questions about why I haven’t been as visible as some of the other candidates.


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