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Petition to ask for Warwick District Council to impose a ‘Nil Cap’ on adult entertainment venues

This petition has been set up by a group in Leamington and Warwick, after they successfully challenged a request by a sexual entertainment venue for a new licence.
Please consider signing it:
It is well known that there are links between violence towards women and such venues.
Amnesty is also running a campaign to end violence against women (of course violence against men is unacceptable and to be deplored – but sadly violence against women is far more common, frequent, sexual in nature and like to end in death).
In this atmosphere of giving businesses anything they want in the name of ‘growth’ and ‘progress’ and job creation, it needs to be recognised that often such venues cause other businesses to lose custom, it can cause areas to become no-go areas, and it can affect an area at all times of the day – not just at night, as a general air of seediness decends and there is some evidence that drugs and drug dealers are also linked with such venues. Is this what we want in the middle of our communities – communities that will be eroded in the name of profit?