Green Surge #greensurge and #Votegreenif

It’s really exciting in the midst of all the horror that is being visited upon us by the Con-Dem government and their corporate cronies that the Green Party is really hitting its stride with online campaigning. The leap in membership this year is truly phenomenal. We’ve had so many barriers placed in our way (who possibly could have believed a senior BBC official would leave and become head of comms for UKIP – erm well me actually) and we’ve been ignored, denied, excluded and ridiculed by many who ‘inform’ those who vote in this country. We don’t need you – we CAN and WILL do it our way, and the people will see and know that there is a real alternative to your hate-fuelled, prejudiced, bigoted austerity for some and banquets with tax-avoiders for others. The people and the planet we depend on for our survival are not just numbers on a balance sheet for you to buy and sell. So #Votegreenif you really believe that a change for the common good is the only way to balance the scales.


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