100 MPs write to Cameron to request withdrawal of wind power subsidies

I’m so not surprised to see the name of our ‘local’ Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi on this list. The portfolio holder for ‘small business’ seems far more interested in large corporate business from my experience – and of course that would include the corporate lobbyists from the likes of NPower, EDF, Eon, etc. They of course receive no government subsidies, nothing like reductions in corporation tax, being allowed to blatantly evade taxes, taking government and EU support subsidies wherever and whenever they can, no of course not!

Fossil fuels are finite, and depleting fast. What other choice do we have? “You want us all to live in caves in the dark wearing sack-cloth!” has long been the accusation levelled at anyone from the Green Party – but if we do not tackle the looming peak oil, energy security, lack of alternatives crisis that is fast heading our way, the one that the Green Party has been trying to get everyone to take seriously and make alternative provision for, that will be exactly where we do end up! Can I then say “we told you so”??


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