A very long walk. Great atmosphere – shame about the government.

Some creative types!

It was a long day. I left home at 7, arrived at Temple tube station around 10:00 and we finally started walking at nearly 1 o’clock. I knew it would be slow, and I hoped it would be very slow – as that meant more people. I have to say I underestimated just how slow it would be! We moved off from Temple around 20 to 1, a group of about 20 -30 Green Party people, including our Green MP Caroline Lucas, and we finally reached the finish at Hyde Park at around 4:30, around 2 hours after the estimated finish time – but at least I missed Ed ‘Jumping on the’ Mili-bandwagon speaking – especially as the TUC ‘management’ had seen fit to prevent people like Caroline Lucas and Tony Benn speaking. I am not very happy about this, and if I am totally honest I found the whole day futile and pointless – it seems that what actually occured was the establishment, including Unions and newspapers, giving away a few balloons and helping us to think we still have some kind of democracy, some kind of voice, that we can collectively make a difference – we can’t.

This article by George Monbiot (yes again) tells why non-violent direct action, radical action, any kind of mass protest action and any other form of voicing disquiet is virtually impossible now: The Freedon Swindle

We are at the end of a cul-de-sac – and there is no turning back – the future is bleak to say the least. I think if the AV referendum vote is for no then we should seriously consider ourselves the stupidest country in the world (after America).

Here are some pieces about the direct action on Saturday. I was there – a little bit of paint and a couple of broken windows – and many, many people who are angry, disenfranchised, and pushed to the margins of life and society – I think a couple of broken windows was the corporate world and its evil system getting off lightly – but what else can people do??

What the direct action protests were about – not violence, just a different way of saying the same thing!

Video and comment on the PEACEFUL protest inside tax-dodging Fortum and Mason shop although the customers may not be tax dodgers (although of course some may be!) as someone once said – There is no Revolution without a few broken windows.


3 Comments to “A very long walk. Great atmosphere – shame about the government.”

  1. “the future is bleak” Not at all. Times are changing, and there may be difficult stages to pass through. But the collapse of the western financial system is not to be regretted. People talk of a post-industrial society, but there is more to it than that. Also more than post-oil – thought that will force upon us momentous changes. But I think we (or our children) will emerge into a community which is far more resilient, and sustainable in the true sense of the term.

    • I’m afraid I can’t share your optimism Walter – I think the western banking system is alive and well and screwing us (and our beautiful planet) over continually.
      Capitalism is not going to stop until it has drained every last drop, and we aren’t equipped to stop it – the left wing of politics is too splintered to be effective- the march in London exemplified that beautifully.

      I’m sorry – on a major downer since the last election – and can’t get out of it – especially with the Con-Dem assault in full swing 😦

  2. Which article – there are several in the piece.

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