Life after election and a hanging parliament

Wow – so glad that is over. Racism, xenophobia, weasel words, sexism, elitism and snobbery – all the fun of an election!
My favourite ‘spoilt’ ballot paper had a nice big cross for me – and the rude word beginning with a ‘w’ against the B&P party, UKlip and the English not very Democratics, there was another one in a similar vein – the voter had drawn pictures against the nasty parties names instead! Thank you to those 2 individuals – you made a very sad night for ‘democracy’ have a moment of lightness!


5 Comments to “Life after election and a hanging parliament”

  1. Now that you’ve had time to reflect – are you sure you’re glad it’s over?

    • Hi Walter,
      I’m glad the campaigning is over, it was physically and emotionally draining and of course futile (he who campaigns with the most money wins in our ‘democracy’) – but this was the absolute worst possible outcome, and of course things just keep getting worse.

      I am now just focussing on keeping me and my family together and safe in the face of the vicious onslaught against those of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths, or are prepared to be the lackeys of those who were.

      Am I glad it’s over? The question is – what is ‘it’, and will it ever be over?

      Best Wishes to you and yours for this Yuletide.


    • Hi Walter,
      I have amended the theme of my blog.
      Can you let me know if it’s any easier to read now please?


  2. Yes – easy to read and still attractive.

    Are you standing again in May?

    • Hi Walter,
      giving the impression of a true democracy may one day actually lead to a proper democracy – and standing reminds people the Green Party exists – even if the mainstream media try and excise us from the political landscape!!

      Yes, but I won’t be actively campaigning. We have a TTW ward in Leamington where all of our efforts will be centred.

      Are you?

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